“You don't stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running.”

- Christopher McDougall (Born to Run)

Hi, I'm Daria.


I currently write software at Google NYC, working on infrastructure. I run long distances, pet cats, and study psychology in my spare time.

Selected Projects

  • TS-Minify

    TS-Minify is a tool to aid in the reduction of code size for programs written in the TypeScript language.


    A programming language and compiler implemented in OCaml for creating quantum circuits. Group project for COMS 4115 at Columbia University.

  • Etudes

    Worked through a book of projects and problems on the Elixir programming language. Contributed to the original O'Reilly book on GitHub.

  • Haskell Cowsay

    An implementation of Tony Monroe's cowsay program in Haskell.

  • Katkam

    A Raspberry Pi powered surveillance camera to spy on my cat while I'm not home.

  • Software Foundations

    Working through a course that introduces basic concepts and techniques in the foundational study of programming languages, as well as their formal logical underpinnings. Uses the Coq Proof Assistant.

  • Gunzip

    Wrote an implementation of gunzip in Haskell.

  • Gif Bot

    A gif bot used in the internal Hacker School chat system. Returns a gif to the user from the Giphy API.

  • Haskell BitTorrent

    An unfinished BitTorrent Client in Haskell.

  • Intro. to Haskell

    Worked through the entirely of UPenn's introductory Haskell course.


  • Google NYC

    July 2016 - Present

    I currently work on Google Product Infrastructure.

  • Columbia University 2016 Commencement

    Granted Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

  • Google MTV

    Interned at Google Mountain View on the AngularJS team, working on a tool to facilitate type-based property renaming for programs written in the TypeScript language.

  • Attended Recurse Center (formerly Hacker School)

    Spent 12 weeks at RC becoming a better programmer. Learned Haskell, and basic hardware programming.

  • Thinkful

    Worked at Thinkful.com as a Software Engineering intern.

  • Columbia University, School of Engineering and Applied Science

    Began studies at Columbia towards a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. One year of medical leave taken (2013 - 2014). B.S. granted May 2016.